Scanty; either an insufficient quantity, OR women’s underwear.

Cartel; either an organisation of manufacturers with the purpose of maintaining prices at a high level and restricting competition (often illegally or at least ethically dubiously), OR a coalition or cooperative arrangement between political parties intended to promote a mutual interest.

We think we’re the latter, but we’re all immature enough to think the implication of the former is funnier.

Scanty Cartel is a completely informal, frequently disorganised, loose coalition of women who run very small lingerie brands, often making very small things. We work together whenever one of us has the energy to bring you amazing cross-promotions, fabulous pictures and an inside view into the peculiar world of making underwear.

Catherine from Kiss Me Deadly started this site to document our doings.

The picture is from our Lovebomb 2014 campaign, aimed at promoting the diversity and range of independent lingerie brands – and what its really like working for one. Left to right, clockwise, are:
Becky (plus size blogger) wearing Curvy Couture
Ayten, designer  from Ayten Gasson (UK made ethical silk nightwear)
Emma, The Big Boss and designer from Playful Promises (flirty, fashion lingerie with a wide range of sizes)
Fiona, then-owner of Little Women (small cup specialists)
Catherine, who runs Kiss Me Deadly (retro lingerie with a film noir twist)
Lorraine, who runs Miss Mandalay (full bust lingerie and swimwear specialists)

Hope you join us in both our love of lingerie and our occasionally cynical industry insights!