Lingerie Secret Santa 2016


(Image from Betty Blue’s Loungewear)

Right, we’ve formed a secret committe and are hiding out in a volcano lair just itching to do some complicated spreadsheets. Because that’s what office Secret Santa (the process of everyone giving one other person a surprise gift) is like.

Or, more realistically . . . after reflecting on the challenges of communicating with about 50 brands and 30 eventual participants and trying to keep track of things  . . .  Karolina and I have agreed that this year the process will be:

  1. Anyone who wants to take part has to fill in this survey by the 20th October.
  2. We will review all the peoples with our peoples and I’m sorry but some of you won’t get in. That’s because there are a few barriers, like, if you only have 3 social media followers, or you’re not actually producing lingerie yet, or it’s made out of sticky-back plastic, or, and this is by far the most common reason, for the life of us we can’t work out how to fit you into the eternal circle of give-on-surprise-gift, get-one-surprise-gift.
  3. We will email you when you are IN.  (nothing to stop you organising you own by the way, feel free).
  4. We will have the whole lot of you on a mailing list and we’ll send out general instructions, tips, ideas and so on via that.
  5. We’ll email you your surprise giftee details individually
  6. We’ll do a follow-up survey in mid January and I’ll mop up any messes then.

As before – Karolina does organising beforehand, I do shouting afterwards. Don’t go emailing Karolina when you know it’s something that may induce shouting just because she’s nicer than me.




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